Marketing Turkey Contest


Meredith Benedict, Writer

The marketing students at Dakota High School have made turkeys. These turkeys are decorated to look like a certain brand. The instructions to the students were to color and create a brand on a turkey without using any words or letters. You can use symbols, colors, trade characters, etc. To emphasize the brand but it should be done in a subtle way that makes the viewer use brand recognition to identify the brand they are highlighting. No one could do the same brand so there are no duplicates. This activity is based on the tell me without telling me social media challenge, also known as #TheTellMeChallenge. This social media challenge is to get users to share personal opinions and beliefs without using direct mentions of the subject. An example of this would be someone making a TikTok video saying, “tell me who your parents favorite is without telling me”, then they would show their bedroom compared to their siblings, and one bedroom would be more extravagant than the others meaning they’re the “parents’ favorite”. The point of these turkeys is to see if people can guess the brand of the turkey and there is a contest. These turkeys are hung up on the wall right outside of room 225. There is a QR code on the wall so you can vote. The vote is on Microsoft form, and it asks you three questions. The three questions are: 

  1. Please indicate the number of your favorite turkey (each turkey has a number on it) 
  2. What is the brand of the turkey you indicated as your favorite? (guess the brand of the turkey) 
  3. What teacher and lunch do you have 4th hour? 

If you vote you have the chance to win candy, and the person who made the winning turkey will win a gift card to the Cougar Den. Go vote!!