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Mackenzie Patenaude, Writer

If you value education and supporting women around the world, She’s the First is the club for you.

“In everything we do, we put girls’ voices at the center of conversations that affect their lives; we also believe in anti-oppressive partnerships and support communities to drive their own transformation”. The club advocates for women, and their mission is to make girls “educated, respected, and heard”(

“We believe in using a rights-based approach to empower and educate girls globally. After more than a decade of building trust with communities, She’s the First (STF) excels in building coalitions for girls’ power and advancing girl-led advocacy.” (

The primary goal of She’s the First is to empower girls around the world by helping them receive an education they would not typically have access to. Many of these girls in need are in poverty, discriminated by race and gender, have expectations of early marriage and traditional roles, or face other forms of oppression. But when they are heard, educated, and valued, they are able to earn more money as adults, are less likely to marry early and be in  healthy relationship, have fewer, healthier children, and contribute to their community in a way they desire. STF helps girls get the opportunities they DESERVE.

One big thing She’s the First is doing right now is supporting the Global Girls’ Bill of Rights. The Bill supports all the rights all girls deserve to experience. More information can be found at, which allows anyone interested to sign and support.

And guess what? Dakota High School has it’s very own STF chapter that you can be a part of! By joining STF, DHS students are able to help a girl further her education. She’s the First holds fundraisers to raise money, and this money is donated to help girls across many countries go to school. The club also provides leadership opportunities and educates its members on women’s issues- like education, inequality, and more. Joining She’s the first is a great way to volunteer, become educated, and passionately advocate for women’s rights.

Here’s what the members of Dakota’s STF executive board said about the club, and why students should join:

“I love being part of STF, it’s such a supportive community with an important role in girl’s lives around the world.” -Jovana Peroska, President, grade 12

“I like being able to give back and support girls that don’t have access to the same opportunities as me.” -Andrea Robles, Vice president, grade 12

“I love She’s the First because it allows us to make a direct impact in a girl’s life, supporting access to education which opens the door to so many opportunities.” -Nadia Bednar, Secretary, grade 11

2022-2023 executive board of DHS STF:
Mackenzie Patenaude, Jovana Peroska, Bridget McEvoy, Andrea Robles, and Nadia Bednar (left to right) (stf_dakota on Instagram)

“My favorite part of She’s the first is that it effects girls around the world. Education is so valuable and it makes me so happy to help someone. Helping girls across the globe is a great reminder that the world is so much bigger than us.” -Mackenzie Patenaude, Public Relations, grade 12

“I love being a part of She’s the First because I want to make a difference in girls lives so they can have the opportunity to get an education and reach their full potential.” -Bridget McEvoy, Social Media, grade 12

Dakota STF meets the second and fourth Thursday of each month in room 136. Their next meeting is on Thursday, December 8th, but they will be having a poster party on Wednesday, November 16th. This is a great opportunity to get to know the club and to be involved by helping create posters. It is never to late to join and all are welcome!

Don’t forget to join She’s the First in room 136 on November 16th to help girls become unstoppable!

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