Fall Fridays


Chloe Hilgendorf, Writer

Student Government, also referred to as StuGo, has begun the first annual Fall Friday Spirit Days! Currently four days have been planned, and they were announced on both the official Dakota High School Administration Twitter account and the StuGo Twitter account. Friday October 28th was the first spirit day, where people were encouraged to wear their University of Michigan or Michigan State apparel for the highly anticipated football game between the two colleges. Many students and faculty participated to show their loyalty to either the Wolverines or the Spartans. The second spirt day planned for Friday November 4th is Groutfit Day, where people will put on all gray outfits. Hopefully there will be just as many participants for this creative theme! Friday November 11th is Flannel Day where people wear either flannel shirts, pants, or fleeces. Everyone should feel the joy of fall with this autumn clothing staple. The final spirit day is Comfy Cozy Day on November 18th as it is the last Friday before Thanksgiving Break. On this day people wear their favorite pajamas, sweats, and fuzzy socks. These spirit days were designed to get students excited and in the fall spirit! 

Senior StuGo members Maria Mastronardi and Olivia Wheeler came up with the idea for Fall Fridays. They proposed it to the StuGo Senate, and it got confirmed by administration to become official school wide spirit days. Maria said, “Our goal for Fall Fridays was to boost school morale and celebrate fall in a fun and inclusive way.”