WEC Pad and Tampon Drive

Mackenzie Patenaude, Writer

Dakota’s Women’s Empowerment Club is running their first Pad and Tampon Drive! The goal in this drive is to provide period products directly in the bathrooms for any student to use, so they can access them at any time. Although feminine hygiene products are located in the main office, anyone with a period knows that sometimes it’s not as easy as just walking down to the office when you need something. It is much more helpful to have pads and tampons in the bathroom- and WEC wants to help fix this problem in hopes that eventually, the school will.

As for now, WEC needs your help! Because they are supplying the products, donations are welcome and essential. Pad and Tampon donations can be taken to Mrs. Sarver’s room, 118. The club itself will watch the baskets and refill them as needed. This drive will be running year-round so Women’s Empowerment Club can continue to keep our bathrooms stocked for your convenience. Please help out if you can!

If this interests you, Women’s Empowerment Club meets every Tuesday in room 118! Join the club to discuss women’s issues and take part in activities that support women in our community. Don’t forget to text @dakotawec to 81010 for regular club updates!