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Isabella Aluia, Writer

Wyh cna’t oyu ræd? 


Why ær lal the otehr kisd smatęr tahn yu¿ 


Its nt thât df!clut to udnarstênd. 


Jsut ræd hte nxt pegä and ti’ll be er. 


hevan‘t euen bên riadeñg ofr taht long, Yuø cna‘t bę t!rde of tį.  



It si vręÿ dfifitulç ofr me 

Adn ti tekås me a lto mroë efofrt  

To ræd, 

Or wiręt,  

As fsät sa my ėpers. 

To cömphreedñ bokoš 

Ás wlel sa tehm  

I sltil do  

Btu it tkaęs me os łnog 

Msto of htê tmie 

Pepołe åsume M’i stiup 

But !’m nt 

! jsut hęva 



For me words don’t look like this on paper. They look almost 3 dimensional. Not everything is misspelled in my mind, just misread over and over again like a glitching computer not knowing that its repeating itself. I can’t process the meaning of words when they are written without putting in much more effort than most of my peers. But you would never know this by looking at me because I am pretty smart academically, (I get A’s and B’s on most of my assignments). Not all dyslexics get bad grades but we struggle a lot more than most to maintain good grades. How it is represented in the media is completely inaccurate most of the time and is not true to most people experiences with it.