Homecoming Hallway Decorating

Chloe Hilgendorf, Writer

It wouldn’t be Homecoming without Dakota’s hallway decorating competition! To show their school spirit, students at Dakota worked together to make their grade’s hallway the most colorful. Each grade got assigned a hallway where they had to decorate it in their class colors and to fit the homecoming theme of Hollywood. Freshmen had white, Sophomores had green, Juniors had blue, and Seniors had black. This event was put together by the Class Councils and Spirit Corps for each grade. 

Previously instead of decorating hallways, Class Council decorated floats that walked in the Homecoming Parade to match the theme of the dance. There was an underclassmen float that was made by the Freshman and Sophomore Class Council, and an upperclassmen float made by Junior and Senior Class Council. Now Dakota does the hallway decorating competition instead.  

Below are pictures of each hallway! Vote on the poll for your favorite one.