Shrek Auditions!


Jake Wigginton, Writer

Shrek auditions were held this week, Shrek is the musical Dakota will be performing this year the first during two weeks of February. With many people enjoying the movies, as well as attracting a large audience, the musical is going to be a fun time for those who choose to attend. As I asked friends who auditioned for Shrek, I got some insight into what auditions this year will be like.

Nya jones auditioned for the part of the Dragon as well as Fiona but only got a call back for Fiona, which she wasn’t mad about, Nya described the Auditions as “Auditioning is harder than it looks you have all these people around you trying to make the same cast you are, and when there’s 50-60 people trying out you get kind of worried.”

Mia Serra also auditioned for the part of the Dragon as well as Fiona and got a callback from the judges to see what she was capable of. Of course she wasn’t mad because she at least got a call back. She described the auditions as “I was scared of not getting a call back, the anticipation of getting that call is the worst part.”

Ashton Posner, Ashton auditioned for Lord Farquaad and Donkey, he got a callback for Shrek and Donkey, Ashton decided to choose the musical over the Detroit Pistons dance team he describes the musical as “The musical is hard for me because it takes up a lot of time, but I enjoy doing it.”

Claire Kraft auditioned for Fiona, and she got the callback, and she also has her little sister Kate Kraft joining the musical as well! Claire said the hardest part of the auditions is “Waiting for the directors to call you back, and what did the judges think about you when you are auditioning.”