Restore the Roar


Ava Messing, Writer

As 2022 NFL football season kicks off, support for your hometown Detroit Lions is running high. After seeing our longtime quarterback, Matthew Stafford, win a Super bowl last season with the Los Angeles Rams, it is time for the Lions to utilize the trade pieces and draft picks to their full advantage. Second year Head Coach Dan Campbell leads our troops onto the field. Dakota Varsity Football Head Coach Mr. Baur said, “he’s done a very good job as far as changing the culture, but needs to do just a little better job in game management.” Most agree Campbell is a good fit for the team. A former 10 NFL veteran himself, he knows the daily grind the players face over the course of a long and grueling 17 game season. He’s surrounded himself with a staff of many former NFL players such as Defensive Coordinator Aaron Glenn, Assistant Head Coach & Running Backs Coach Duce Staley, Quarterbacks Coach Mark Burnell, and Wide Receivers Coach Antwaan Randle El. In addition, our young, new Offensive Coordinator, Ben Johnson, appears to be a rising star within the NFL ranks. 

The Lions have recently added a new general manager as well, Brad Holmes. Holmes came over from the Los Angeles Rams last year and is considered to be one of the top ten general managers in the league. Said Baur, “He is doing an outstanding job at acquiring the talent they need; I think he is the best general manager we have had in a long time.” 

The technical and tactical nature of football is quite different for each team. Between both offensive and defensive lines, the coaching staff is trying to come out on top. Offensive coordinator, Ben Johnson new this year, holds high hopes for the Lions this season as helping former NFL players in the passing games getting a franchise record, having a lot of savvy veterans on offense. While our defensive coordinator Aaron Glenn for nearly two years including playing. “I like our offense line; defense needs to be upgraded quite a bit” said by Coach Baur. Detroit is a sport-loving city. 


This summer, HBO filmed the Lions as one of their fan favorite shows “Hard Knocks: Training Camp with the Detroit Lions.” Hard Knocks is a reality sports documentary produced by NFL Films that first aired in 2001. Said Baur, “How Dan Campbell related to his players and how they relate back; I think it’s a really nice marriage.” Campbell shines throughout the series with his motivational speeches, intensity, and humor. You can certainly understand why his players would run through a wall for him.  

As of this moment, the Lions sport a record of 1-2. The offense has far outshined the defense so far. It is a long season, and many things can happen, but excitement is in the air, and it will be just a matter of time if Campbell can convince the players to buy in to his system to create a winning culture.  As Sunday comes around the Lions ate prepared to go against Seahawks, good for Detroit favored to win four points.