NHS Induction Ceremony

NHS Induction Ceremony

Chloe Hilgendorf, Writer

The Induction Ceremony to the National Honors Society happened on Thursday September 29 during the school day. It took place in the auditorium and parents were invited to attend and sit in the audience while their children’s hard work got acknowledged.  

NHS is an application-based club where only students who meet the GPA requirement are invited to apply. National Honors Society is one of the largest clubs Dakota has with 160 new members just being inducted. Now, the new members will begin accumulating service hours for the school and the community.  

During the ceremony, the National Honors Society’s executive board spoke about the values each member is supposed to uphold along with the history of NHS. Speakers included Dakota’s Principal Mr. Koskos, teacher advisors Mrs. Piscopink and Mrs. Avey, President Eshal Usman, Vice President Lindsey Mundle, Secretary Alyssa Wend, Treasurer Flavia Pampu, Parliamentarian Kylie Bugenski, and Probation Officers Kendyl Baron and Chloe Hilgendorf.  

The four pillars of NHS are Character, Scholarship, Leadership, and Service. After each pillar was spoken about, a candle was lit. Lindsey Mundle led the new inductees in the pledge and the official candle lighting. Then each new member was welcomed into the society by walking across the stage to shake hands with both Mr. Koskos and Eshal Usman. Once the ceremony was done, the parents were allowed to take pictures of their children. 

After the parents left, the new inductees had their first meeting. While this meeting was during school, all future NHS meetings will be in the morning before school. Attendance at all meetings is mandatory for members. Auditorium doors will shut at 6:35am and the meetings will start at 6:40am. The first morning meeting for the new members is scheduled for October 11.  

All further information on meetings will be on Dakota’s NHS website. Here is the link for the NHS Weebly: https://dakotanhs.weebly.com/