Dakota Wrestling


Drew Astorga

With Winter soon approaching, Winter sports are also soon to start. Wrestling is a winter sport that is often overlooked but deserves some of the spotlight. In simplest terms, wrestling is a sport in which two unarmed individuals struggle hand to hand with each attempting to subdue or unbalance the other. To the Dakota wrestling team, it’s more than that. 

The boys on the Dakota wrestling team have a unwavering strive for greatness. Dakota has had one of top wrestling programs in the state of Michigan for the past decade. In the 2021-22 season, Dakota had eight individual wrestlers qualify for the state tournament, with 6 of them placing. Junior Caleb Weiand placed 1st at the state tournament with an undefeated record. He is looking to continue the success not only individually but with the team too. 

Q: What do you plan on doing to ensure the success of the team? 

A: My plan this year is to help our team with teamwork and becoming more of a family. 

Q: What are your individual goals for this upcoming season? 

A: I can’t set higher standards for myself because I did the best I possibly could last year. This year I just want to get better for college. 

-Senior captain Caleb Weiand 

Wrestling is a sport that many students start in high school. In the 2021-22 season Senior Fritz Muller placed 2nd at the state tournament. Fritz began wrestling his sophomore year. New wrestlers can have just as much success as the most seasoned veterans of the sport. The boys in the room will push everyone on the team to be the very best version of themselves no matter their experience.  

In the 2021-22 season, Dakota performed phenomenally as a team. The team was the county, district, and regional champs. They ultimately placed 5th in the state. The team has the potential to do just as well if not better this upcoming season. One person who contributed a lot to the success of the team is Jake Ferguson. Jake Ferguson wrestled at 140 pounds in the 21-22 season. Jake qualified for the state tournament but unfortunately did not place. He is looking to come back harder than ever this season. 

Q: What are you most excited about this wrestling season? 

A: I’m most excited to wrestle in the post-season. I wrestle the best when there’s something on the line. Every match in the post season matters.” 

Q: What are your individual goals for this upcoming season? 

Q: I didn’t place at states last year so this year I’m going to work harder than I ever have to make sure I do. 

The Dakota wrestling team has grown their team into a family. Each person in the room wants to compete and be better than the guy training next to them. It pushes everyone else to work hard to be the best guy in the room. Dakota Wrestling will begin the 2022-23 season in November, and they are ready to work hard to ensure their own, and the team’s success.