Get to know the Cougar Den!

Ellie Snodgrass

    If you are interested in improving your social skills, and learning about how to run a business, marketing is a great class to take. Ms. Atienza’s marketing 3 students run the Dakota Cougar Den during all lunches. The Cougar Den, which is located in the main building, is a fun place to go for snacks and Dakota merchandise. According to the Den’s mission statement on their website, “The Cougar Den is a student operated business that fosters entrepreneurship and leadership skills.” The staff are all seniors, and they can see what it’s like to run a real business.  The friendly staff work the register, restock merchandise, and gain more experience handling money. Although the Cougar Den is such a well-known aspect of school, many might not know what it takes to run the class, so a few marketing students shared their experience in the class.  


Q: What skills did you gain from this class? 

A: “This class definitely helped improve my customer service skills.” -Adam Pioch 

A: “I learned how to better manage my money.” -Evan Johnston 

A: “My people skills are a lot better now because we’re always talking to different types of people.” -Alex Hana 


Q: What is the most difficult part of marketing? 

A: “Probably staying on task.” -Adam Pioch 

A: “Instructions aren’t always given, a lot of times you have to make your own decisions and do what you think is best.” -Natalie Nehra 

A: “It can be hard to remember steps to making certain things.” Bridget McEvoy 


Q: Is there anything new that the Cougar Den has to offer this year? 

A: “This year we have new clothes, like cropped hoodies and quarter zips. I think a lot of people will like those.” -Andrea Robles 

A: “We are trying out new slushie flavors this year and seeing what everybody likes.” -Natalie Nehra 

A: “We’re bringing back bagels this year!” -Bridget McEvoy 


Q: How is this class different from other classes you’ve taken at Dakota? 

A: “This class is so unique because of the real-life skills you learn like working with others.” -Natalie Nehra 

A: “There’s a lot of different people in this class, but we all share similar interests.” -Bridget McEvoy 

A: “Each person has their own job, and we get to switch around what we do.” -Andrea Robles 


Q: What is your favorite thing to do while you work in the Cougar Den? 

A: “Definitely making slushies.” -Adam Pioch 

A: “Making slushies.” -Evan Johnston 

A: “Slushies.” -Alex Hana 


Q: Do you have a favorite memory from this class? 

A: “Yes. When Nina dropped the cookies.” -Adam Pioch 

A: “My favorite memory is making friends.” -Evan Johnston 


Don’t forget to stop by the Cougar Den during your lunch to meet the staff, bring home Dakota spirit wear, and buy delicious affordable snacks. Make sure to visit the Cougar Den website linked below and follow their Instagram @dhscougarden to be the first to see new apparel and find out what the marketing students are up to!