Poke Fish Review


Kathryn Old, Writer

Overlooked by Chick-fil-A, in the same plaza on Hall and Schoenherr is Poke Fish. This restaurant is known for their Poke Bowls. They have one other location in Ann Arbor. The menu consisted of poke bowls, (obviously) ramen, hibachi bowls, sushi burritos and a few appetizers. Poke bowls are a Hawaiian dish that is similar to sushi but a different thing in all. 

Make your own bowl

I visited the restaurant last Wednesday and tried poke for the first time. I decided to make my own bowl and it consisted of white rice, salmon, corn, edamame, seaweed salad, ginger, cucumber, green onions and spicy mayo. I enjoyed my bowl until it was just rice, edamame and corn, which was my fault because I didn’t get enough toppings to fill the whole bowl. That’s why if it’s your first-time trying poke bowls like it was mine, I would recommend getting one of the predesigned bowls. Getting a predesigned bowl would also allow you to try different things while also getting enough to have something new with each bite.   

Tuna Lover bowl

My friend got the Tuna lover bowl that consisted of tuna, spicy tuna, seaweed salad, mango, edamame, corn, cucumber, masago, onion crisps, roasted seaweed and poke special sauce. He really recommended the bowl, it also being his first time trying poke. He rated it a 9/10 wanting just a bit more tuna in the bowl.  

Overall, I would really recommend Poke fish to anyone that wants to try a poke bowl or has had them before.