Club Spotlight: Class Council


Chloe Hilgendorf, Writer

Class Council is for students who enjoy being a leader and taking part in school activities. The main events Class Council puts on are the Homecoming Hallway Decorating Competition and the Senior Prom. All grades do the Hallway Decorating Competition where each grade decorates their assigned hallway in their class color. Seniors do black, Juniors do blue, Sophomores do green, and Freshmen do white. The Freshmen decorate the ninth-grade center, while all the other grades have hallways in the main building. Everyone is welcome to attend Friday September 30 to help decorate each grade level’s hallway. Membership in Class Council is not necessary to participate. It will begin right after school and pizza will be provided.   

 Freshman Class: 

Some of the activities that Freshman Class Council sponsors are decorating the ninth-grade center cafeteria for their Homecoming Dance along with running the Morning Announcements for the Freshman Center every day. In 9th grade, anyone who wishes to be a part of Class Council can apply which is different than Elementary or Middle School Class Council where each homeroom class voted a representative or two. Ninth grade Class Council has not yet voted upon their grade’s executive board (eboard). For all the other grades at the end of last school year everyone in the grade got a link sent to their email to vote for this year’s eboard. Freshman Class Council will do it differently, with only the 9th grade members of Class Council voting upon which of the members will represent them for the rest of the year as eboard. The Teacher Advisors for the 9th grade are Mrs. Klinkman and Mrs. Joyce. 


Sophomore Class:

Sophomore Class Council often puts together fun school activities. Previously they have created virtual quiz game competitions open to all Dakota students. This was a great way for students to stay connected during the pandemic. The Sophomore Class Council also puts on many fundraisers to begin raising money for their class fund. The Teacher Advisors for 10th grade are Mrs. Kouba and Mrs. Durasevic. The eboard is as follows 

President: Kate Kraft 

Vice-President: Caitlyn Dery 

Treasurer: Lanee Simons 

Secretary: Mechelle Gin 


Junior Class:

Junior Class Council oversees Prom planning and decoration. They meet with the designer and organize all the small details that help make Prom special. On the day of Prom, they help set up along with announcing Prom King and Queen at the dance. The Teacher Advisors are Mrs. Kwolek and Mrs. Belanger.  

President: Mario Quaglia  

Vice-President: John Cunningham 

Treasurer: Emma Brookins  

Secretary: Isabelle Nafso 


Senior Class:

Senior Class Council puts together Senior Sunrise and designs Senior Class Apparel along with the end of the year barbeque for the Seniors on their last day. The proceeds for Senior Class Apparel will go towards other senior events and Prom. The first round of Senior Class Apparel closed on September 11 but stay tuned for more opportunities as they get offered on the Weebly! 

Here is the link for Class of 2023 Weebly: 

The Teacher Advisors are Mrs. Tancredi and Dr. McFarlen.  

President: Claire Kraft 

Vice-President: McKenna Goike                                                       

Treasurer: Chloe Hilgendorf 

Secretary: Maria Mastronardi  

Lead Representatives: Mia Serra and Emma Thamarus 

Senior Class Council President Claire Kraft says, “Class Council has been a great opportunity to enhance my leadership skills. Throughout my time at Dakota, Class Council has allowed me to be engaged with the student body and grow as a leader. These experiences have created a positive impact.” 


To keep up with all the exciting events Class Council are doing, follow them on social media! 

Freshman Class Council does not yet have any official social media accounts.  

Sophomore Class Council’s Instagram is @dhsclassof2025_ and Twitter is @dakotaclassof25.  

Junior Class Council’s Instagram is @dhs20.24.  

Senior Class Council’s Instagram is @dakotahs2023 and Twitter is @Dhs2023.