Dakota vs. Romeo Home Game Recap

Dakota vs. Romeo Recap 


The Cougars are on a hot winning streak so far in their season, with a league performance of 4-0 so far. This game against Romeo was their second home game. The first set began, and they stayed consistent with communication and energy. Bella Austin, #10, had great consistency in her swing placement this game. Blocking is very consistent with the cougars; there is usually a touch if not a block on most balls.  

The 2nd set was about the same with a good winning advantage, but we lost the third set, resulting in having to play a fourth set. The Cougars left the lost set behind them and bounced back to win the fourth set easily.  

This coming weekend there is a tournament up in Hartland, Hartland High School. They play at 8:30 AM. Also, there are 2 upcoming games for the Cougars. An Away game at Anchor Bay on Tuesday, and a home game versing Ike again on Thursday. Times of the games and the themes will be posted on their Twitter page, hope to see you there to come support! 


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