Dakota Graduate Colin MacNeil’s Growing Lego YouTube Channel


Alyssa Zerilli, Writer

Lobricks is a fun Lego MOC YouTube channel that covers unboxing videos, Lego reviews, mini-figures, and the building of a large-scale Star Wars Tatooine Lego MOC and a Star Wars Hoth MOC, the channel is run by former student Colin MacNeil and his father Paul MacNeil, who have spent over two years working on this extraordinary project.  

Tatooine MOC

The channel has 3.64k subscribers, and posts Lego related videos multiple times a day, mainly run by “Leaky Trooper”, Paul MacNeil. This hobby is very dear to Colin and his father and provides fun content for the Lego community. The dedication to fans of the channel is clear when you watch the videos and is something recommended to Dakota students interested in seeing cool growing projects like this in their community. Livestreams and vlogs are posted every couple of months and provide fans with personal interaction to the creators of the channel.  

In an interview with Colin, he stated, “Lobricks was kind of like a little joke at first that we were doing during the 2020 era, then me and my dad decided to start doing it as a full-time thing because it was really fun. We go down to our basement to make videos every once in a while, and it’s become a little bonding activity. We love Legos and I’m glad me and my dad were able to come together and make this project into what it is today with the resources we have.” 

Students are encouraged to check out the channel for themselves and see the creative activity that came from Dakota students after their high school years.  

Link to channel https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCGtq3qKfuVEYBtt5h9OrTxA

Hoth MOC