Dakota Varsity Soccer Captains


Madison Short and Meredith Benedict

Every sports team at Dakota has captains but what exactly do they do? Questions were asked to the three Varsity Boys Soccer captains, Cameron Davis, Eli Bellew, and Giuseppe Mangiapane. Here were their responses to the various questions,

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Cameron Davis:
Q- What are the different responsibilities you have as captain?  

Cameron- “I focus on getting the team warmed up and hyped for the game and take responsibility in communicating with the referee’s and the coach about the plays” 

Q- How has injuring your foot in the first game affected your role as a captain? 

Cameron- “I now am more of a sideline role since I am not capable of being on the field and putting forth my best effort for the team but I’m still able to push them from the sidelines” 

Q- What’s your goal for the end of the season? 

Cameron- “Hopefully our team makes it to district finals, and we win, redeeming ourselves from last year” 

Q- Do you think your injury has affected the team as a whole? 

Cameron- “Yes and no, because of course I would much rather be playing and helping my team, but I can continue to watch them and talk from the sidelines” 

Q- Will you be able to play at all this season? 

Cameron- “I just started to walk without my boot, so maybe in three to four weeks which is around when districts start, so hopefully” 

Photo by: Drew Kozel


Eli Bellew: 

Q- How did you become soccer captain? 

Eli- “We got nominated by our team and coaches based on last year’s performance and I am proud to be a captain” 

Q- What makes you different from others on the team? 

Eli- “The captains are louder on the field during the games and lead the team during practices” 

Q- Do others on the team look up to you as a captain? 

Eli- “Yes I think that the younger people on the team do” 

Q- What is your favorite part of being a captain? 

Eli- “I like the free range and the responsibility of being a leader” 

Q- Does one captain have more say than the others? 

Eli- “Since Cam is injured right now, he doesn’t have as much of a say, but me and Joey are equal” 


Giuseppe Mangiapane: 

Q- What does it mean to be a captain? 

Joey- “To me being a captain means to lead by example not only on the field but also in school, I’ve taken the past captains as my example and put it into my game changing me as not only a player but also as a person” 

Q- What makes the captains different from others on the team?
Joey- “I feel like being a captain is more than just yelling at your teammates, its leading your team and staying positive” 

Q- What do you do to prepare your team for games? 

Joey- “I make sure that in warmups we are all focused and I make sure that everyone is trying their best at practices and watching game films so that they are prepared for the next game” 

Q- Are you glad that you were picked to be a captain? 

Joey- “I am honored to be a captain”