Black Student Union


Ericka Stamps, Team Member

Black Student Union Club 

The BSU was thought of during June of 2021. President Senior Iyana Dalton, Vice president, Senior Nya Jones, Secretary, Senior Kaiden Davis, and Historian, Senior Alani Green. All these seniors came together to create something amazing. The black student union officially became a club in January of 2022. Former senior Youana Azer talked to the board and convinced them to let BSU become a new club. I interviewed Senior Iyana Dalton to get a further look into the club. 

Q: What inspired you to start this club? 

Iyana: “What inspired me to start this club was I feel like there is not enough representation for black students” 

Q: What is the purpose of BSU? 

Iyana: “The purpose of BSU is to give people of color at Dakota a safe environment to be comfortable” 

Q: What do you want people to learn from BSU? 

Iyana: “I want people to learn to be aware of some of the altercations that people of color go through being in a PWI” 

Q: “What are your hopes for this club?” 

Iyana: “I hope the club lasts for future generations and I hope we can make an impact” 

Q: “If you had to have 3 black motivational speakers, who would you choose to come to speak?” 

Iyana: “Ruby Bridges, Michelle Obama, and Kamala Harris” 



These seniors are trying to make a difference with people of color and the struggles that they go through all the time. BSU, you plan to make changes and hope that this club goes on for generations. Being a part of BSU can make a significant difference. 

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