Homecoming 2022-2023 Nominations Round 2

Homecoming 2022-2023 Nominations Round 2

Whitney Rock and Nathan Richardson

Many people have been nominated for this year’s Homecoming Court for the first round, however, the second round has been officially announced! Here are all the candidates for round 2! 

2nd Round  


Andrew Aude  

Joe Cacevic 

Owen Clancy 

Anthony Coleman 

Aiden Debbs 

Ethan Hamby 

Tyler Harper 

Brady Miller 

Owen Mitchell 

Luke Pokone  

Josh Sosnowski 

Dylan Turski 

Zach Veal 



Nina Candela 

Sara Capoccia 

Brayden Donahue 

Mckenna Goike 

Ainsley Hrydziuszko 

Claire Kraft  

Faith Maloney 

Olivia Martin 

Lindsey Mundle 

Brooklyn Plitz 

Jade Reese 

Jada Rivera  

Lauren Schaft  

Eva Stevanovic 

Rachel White 


Start voting seniors! Voting ends tomorrow night, September 22nd, at 11:59 pm! Good luck to all the people who made it to round 2! 

Voting link: https://forms.office.com/r/rPcMpnAvrL (SENIORS ONLY)