Trisha Paytas’ Baby Was Born

Trisha Paytas Baby Was Born

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Trisha Paytas, the 34-year-old TikToker is once again trending, but this time it’s not for pretending to be a Dominio’s employee. As many of her followers know, Trisha and her husband Moses just had a healthy baby girl. What has caused the internet to pay extra attention to this is the name they chose; Malibu Barbie Paytas-Hacom.  

Naming her child after a Barbie is very in-character for Trisha, but that doesn’t make this less strange. Malibu Barbie was born on September 14th, 2022, and after many rumors circling over Trisha’s baby being named Elizabeth after the late queen, most of TikTok was holding their breath to see what the real name would be. 

Here is how some of Dakota’s student body feel about Malibu Barbie’s name: 

“I think Malibu is a good name, but I don’t like Barbie. It’s just weird, but it’s better than some other celebrity’s baby names” -Ryenne Ashworth (12) 

“I don’t like it, for someone who claimed they were raising their child non-binary, I find it wildly audacious to name it after something that has always been the epitome of femininity” -Alyssa Zerilli (12) 

“I honestly think it’s amazing!” -Addison Brown (11) 

“Why would she do that? That’s such a horrible name” -Megan Gill (12) 

Malibu Barbie will grow up with a very public social media presence, and the drama started the minute her mother announced her birth. It seems like Malibu Barbie will be following in her mother’s footsteps when it comes to rocking the boat and being unique!