The Controversy of the Clog

Mackenzie Patenaude, Writer

   The internet has spoken: and it has declared the Birkenstock Boston Clog the shoe of the fall. These shoes have stirred up a lot of controversy due to their unique style and high prices, but have found their way into fall fashion.  

   The Birkenstock Boston Clog is the “most sought-after clog, that lends a fashion-forward edge to any style. Velvety suede gives the laid-back look classic, every season appeal. Featuring an additional foam layer for cushioning, the soft footbed offers extra comfort plus go-all-day support” according to the Birkenstock website, where tens of thousands of clogs have been sold in just the past few months. Ranging from 140 to 250 dollars, these shoes are great with their classic suede, comfortable and flexible lightweight sole, and adjustable strap. They are fit for any season because of their open back, so that they can be worn with or without socks. But still, despite it’s versatility, some people argue if the shoe is truly worth the price.  

   The main issue surrounding the controversy of the clog is not whether the shoe is practical or not, but if the shoe is stylish and attractive, or just

a name brand. These shoes have clicked with grandmas, grade schoolers, and the granola type, uniting people in their sense of fashion- many people love the look and comfort of the shoe- but many others have a strong opinion that says otherwise. Some call them “grandma shoes”, while others say they add an outdoorsy feel to any outfit. It has been an ongoing argument whether people want the shoes because they are cute and versatile, or if they are ugly and just buy them for the brand. 

  Regardless, they are sold out across the country- and TikTok and other forms of social media are to thank for the clog shortage. The Boston has have blown up, and after racking up millions of likes and views, they have been swept off shelves and are rarely available to order online due to mass demand- and with that, TikTok has formally proclaimed that the Birkenstock Boston Clog is the shoe of the fall season. 

  We asked some Dakota students their opinion on the shoe: 


“It’s definitely an acquired taste. They’re not ugly, but they are not horrible.” Ellie Snodgrass, 12 

“I wear birks, and those are ugly as heck.” Eric Shackleton, 12 

“They give granola girl energy. I wouldn’t wear them.” Bella Austin, 12 

“They look very comfortable, and I feel like you can wear them with anything. I want them.” Ryenne Ashworth, 12 

“I love them! I love that they’re so controversial because you can style them so differently and make them cute.” Tirzah Topacio, 12 

“They’re weird… yeah, I don’t like them.” Jake Wiggington, 12 

“Yeah, no.” Zach Veel, 12 

“Absolutely not.” Megan Teremi, 11 

“I love them! They’re my favs!” Ava Stange, 12 


   Regardless of one’s opinion, it is impossible to deny that these shoes have blown up as their sales skyrocket. Whether you like them or not, the Birkenstock Boston Clog is in style, and is the shoe of the season.

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