Netflix Shows and their New Seasons


Whitney Rock, Writer

Dead to Me, Season 3 (final season) 

              This show is a dark twisty crime comedy starring Christina Applegate and Linda Cardellini. This show is based on women named Judy and Jen who goes to a grief therapy group and bond with each other over their dead partners. In the beginning of the show, it leaves people with suspense knowing Judy has many secrets that Jen does not know. One of her big secrets involves Jen but Jen does not know. 

Family Reunion, Season 2 

               This show is based on real stories of its writers. The writers of the story wanted to have the show based on a family reunion she went back to and how it is to go back to a family reunion. It represents the life of a woman getting back in touch with her African American culture with non-African American friends. “And if you’re not in touch with your culture, sometimes there are small things that might make you feel less-than, whether it’s the way your hair curls or the fact that you’re just different from your friends.” says Tia Mowry-Hardrict (npr television, Tia Mowry-Hardrict). 

Stranger Things, Season 5 (final season) 

This is a show about a group of friends in high school who discover something wrong with the world. One day after the boys who are named Will, Dustin, Mike, and Lucas go home after a hangout, Will gets chased and taken. As the other boy’s search for Will they come across a girl named Eleven who has been abandoned. Throughout the year, they go and search for Will, learning new things about the world and new secrets it keeps.  

Never Have I Ever, Seasons 3 & 4 (final season) 

This show is a coming-of-age teen comedy drama representing a teenage girl going through high school. She goes through many challenges that include losing her father, a bully, and stereotypes. During this time, she also deals with events that test and almost break her relationships with her crush, her bully, her friends, and her mom. Because she is not allowed to do the same things as other kids around her, it makes it hard to have fun with her friends.  

Fate: The Winx Saga, Season 2 

This show is about a girl named Bloom who discovers new abilities and is taken to the Fairy world to study them. The official description of the show is, “Determined to master their enchanting powers, a group of teens navigate rivalry, romance, and supernatural studies at Alfea, a magical boarding school.” (Netflix). Being at this boarding school she forms new friendships and relationships that reveal secrets about herself that she never knew. Learning about these secrets Bloom is determined and will do anything to uncover them. 

Shadow and Bone, Season 2 

This tv show, based on a book series, focuses on an ordinary mapmaker named Alina Starkov who soon discovers she is a powerful Grisha. As the world changed because of the secrets she soon learns, Alina is not used to being one of the royals now because of her status. She is used to the normal human-military part of the world. In that world she has always lived in, her best friend Mal feels betrayed. Alina and her lifelong friend Mal go on an adventure to the other side of the darkness. Now Alina, being one of the most powerful Grisha, is in more danger than she was before. People now try and use her for their own use. Learning that Alina is a powerful Grisha, Mal and Alina get separated. Now separated, Mal tries to save Alina from the royals and get her back. 

The Witcher, Season 3 

This show is based on a monster hunter who is trying to find his place in the world. The monster hunter named Geralt of Rivia was made into something not human when he was just a young boy. He was abandoned by his mother and was sent into an experiment to be tested on and changed into the monster hunter he is now. During his travels he finds out that humans can be more corrupt and wicked than the monsters and beasts he hunts. Geralt usually travels because of the jobs he is paid to do by people who need a monster or beast to be killed. On his journeys, he meets a girl named Cirilla who he promised her father he would take care of. Geralt lives the rest of the season protecting her. 

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