Dakota High School Cheerleading!


Ericka Stamps, Team Member

Dakota Cheerleading is a unique and exciting program to be a part of. Being a Dakota cheerleader brings things to the table that you would have never thought of. Dakota cheerleading has 2 seasons, Sideline and Competitive. During sideline season we are cheering on our Dakota football team at every game, leading to wins! Cheering on the sidelines can also feel like we are in the game. I have talked to 3 seniors on the cheer team; Makyla Major, Jade Reese, and Makayla Major. The question was “How do you like cheering on the sidelines” 


Makyla- Hello my name is Makyla Major, and I am a Dakota cheerleader. I really enjoy cheering on the sidelines because cheerleading is something I am extremely passionate about. Although I do enjoy the competitive season more,  sideline is still fun. The energy and vibe at football games are what I look forward to the most. It is super fun to hear the student section going crazy after we score a touchdown. At each game, a new memory is made with the girls I love being around, which makes cheering incredibly special.  


Jade- Hi my name is Jade, and I am a Dakota Cheerleader for me being on the sidelines is an incredible and unique perspective that I am glad to experience. To be looking up at all the kids in the student section is something so underrated because we still have the pros of feeling (& inciting) the energy but without the cons of the pushing screaming and crowdedness 


Makayla- Hi!! I am Makayla Major and I am a Dakota cheerleader. Cheering under the Friday night lights is the best part about sideline cheer. It can get a little nerve-wracking cheering for a big crowd but it is worth it in the end. Creating memories with my teammates makes cheering a lot of fun. I look forward to cheering on the football players and getting the crowd fired up. 


These seniors have told their Pov of the sidelines at football games! The Dakota cheer program is truly something to be a part of. Be sure to see them killing the sidelines at our home game this week Friday vs Chipp!