Volleyball Game Recap: Dakota vs. Marysville

Lexi Brown, Writer

The Dakota cougars overall had a great game on their part. Everything from the first contact, they were able to execute just about every play. Marysville has just returned to the mac red division, giving them hope to beat the cougars. Last year they were in the mac white division, and the year before that, mac red. So, they’re fluctuating between both divisions. They had hoped to beat the Cougars, but we shut that idea down quickly. The Cougars started the first set with serve. Racking up points from being able to set up the middle, they pushed through the set quickly. Soon enough, it was the second set, finishing with a score of 25 to 9, Dakota.

The second set began and was just like the past set but in serve receive. The Vikings didn’t know how to shut the cougars down, since they were able to get most if not all digs and tips from Marysville. Most of the time though, there was a block on their hit. Around halfway into the second set, Marysville’s outside hitter went down. They had to make a sudden change in lineup and try to score on the cougars while adjusting to the subbed-in player on the court. They still couldn’t score many more points, with the set ending at 25 to 11, Dakota.

The third set begins with serve again and the cougars start off strong with a serving run, causing Marysville to take their first time-out 5 points into the game. Marysville is frantic and couldn’t figure out how to shut down the huge offense Dakota had. They put in a new libero, Jade Schiller on Marysville to try to change up their defense, but not much was changed, and they lost the third set, resulting in a 25 to 15 Dakota win.

Overall, it was a very good and consistent game for Dakota. Even with the lineup changes Dakota had made every set, they never broke their momentum and drive to win. The Dakota cougars have a newer lineup this year. Last year, they had all 4 ds’s graduate, leaving a whole new defense for this year, and the same big offense from last year with an addition of Alyssa Balcom, number 8, senior, who was on the roster last year but broke her finger at the start of the season, not being able to play that season. She is now the starting right side for the team. The outlook for this team is very bright! They are currently 3-0, always fearless and ready to go. Go cheer them on for future games! The next few home and away games for this month are posted below. Check out Dakota’s student section on Twitter for the themes and any changes!



HOME GAMES: 9/20/22 vs Romeo HS @6:30, 9/29/22 vs Eisenhower HS @6:30, 10/05/22, vs L’Anse Creuse North HS @6:30

AWAY GAMES: 9/27/22, vs Anchor Bay HS @6:00, 10/11/22 vs Marysville HS @ 7:00