Outfits That Slayed at This Friday’s Football Game


Makayla Rayis, Writer

This past Friday Dakota played Stevenson. Our student section had an interesting theme: Welcome to the Jungle! As usual we had a huge turn up at our game with some outgoing outfits from our peers. It was great to see everyone in their jungle outfits and having so much fun in them. Its so wonderful to see how much creativity we have every week for our games and how much school spirit our students have.

Here are some outfits that we saw this weekend:



Luke Marley and Kyle Walczy
Adam Pioch and Evan Johnston
Mackenzie Rusin, Ava Stange, Sara O’Neal, and Elle Warnack











Mackenzie Patenaude, Elle Warnack, and Zoe Wilson
Kathryn Old
Alyssa Balcom, Lexi Cochran, and Meredith Benedict