NRA and Lawmakers


Katelyn Thomas

In the light of events and many similar to what has happened, gun control, school safety and plans moving forward have been brought up in many different spaces. Media coverage and social media debates have lead many to wonder why has there been no change? And how do we prevent mass shootings moving forward?

We must must address the problem at hand. Many lawmakers, both Democrats and Republicans, have shared their personal views but some have said nothing at all. Why aren’t they saying or doing more? Morally what has been happening is not okay and the lack of actions may lead some to think lawmakers are indifferent. Of course, their is no real explanation for those who are not willing to prevent people from dying by gun violence, but what could really be holding lawmakers back from speaking up?

The only answer is MONEY and POWER. The NRA helps fund campaigns for lawmakers in both the republican and democratic parties. This funding is so lawmakers keep power and continue to be re-elected while lobbying for gun policy. Also, in 1996 Congress made a decision that set us back decades. Funds for research focusing on prevention and solution was blocked at the hands of the NRA’s involvement. So, what does this mean? The NRA and lawmakers work hand and hand with one another. The NRA getting the gun policy they want and lawmakers continuously getting re-election.