Taylor Swift


Kara Smith, Staff Writer

To finish out my time with the Dakota Planet, I felt like it was the most fitting to write a final article about Taylor Swift. Taylor has released nine albums over her 16 year career, along with the re-released two albums over the past year. When she started to follow a career, her family made the decision to move to Nashville at age 13 to follow her dreams. By age fourteen, she signed a record label with Sony/ATV in 2004. In 2006, Taylor scored her record label with Big Red Machine Records and had her first Top 40 hit with her single “Tim McGraw”. By October 2006, she had released her debut album titled Taylor Swift. Her debut album showed her country music and introduced her name into the music industry. This album hit the Billboard 200 chart in November, and the first-week sales numbered around 40,000 copies.

Taylor has also spent a fair share of time recreating her albums in order to reclaim her rights to her music. She has re-released Fearless (her second album), and Red (her fourth album) over the span of the past year. As of recently, she has also released Wildest Dreams (TV) and This Love (TV), both from her fifth album 1989. This has fans speculating her next move for re-released albums since she has released two tracks from the same album, but there is still not an announcement about her next move.

Taylor has not only made plenty of music, but she has received a decent amount of awards for her accomplishments. Listed below are just some awards that show up when I searched for what she has received. Along with many more, she has had a lot of awards for everything that she has done.

Many fans have been anticipating Taylor’s next tour. The last time she went on tour was in 2018 for her album titled Reputation. She happened to break the record for the highest-grossing tour in the United States, making $345 million. Her tour lasted from May to December, and 53 shows later her tour turned out to be a huge success. Her recent releases of her new albums has people questioning when she will announce a new tour.

Taylor Swift Breaks U.S. Record With 'Reputation' Stadium Tour
Taylor during her Reputation tour.

Taylor Swift’s long exposure to the music industry allows her fans to grow up with her. This past week, Taylor even received an Honorary Doctorate from New York University for Fine Arts. She has greatly impacted her fans and people all around the world. She constantly interacts with her fans and makes them feel like they are a part of her family. She has even invited fans into her home to give them a private concert experience. I am very excited to see what Taylor decides to do next, and I think that she has great things in the works.

Thank you Dakota Planet for this past year for me being able to publish all the Taylor Swift content possible and express my writing creatively!

Embrace Cringe": Taylor Swift's Life Tip To New York University Students
Taylor receiving her Honorary Doctorate from NYU.