Doctor Taylor Swift


Ella Pulst, Staff Writer

2022. It’s a great year to graduate! Why? It’s the year of Taylor Swift!

On Wednesday, May 18th, 2022, NYU students filled the Yankee Stadium in New York, ready to graduate. Amongst these students stood a legend.

This last semester, NYU started a course revolving around Taylor Swift’s massive impact on the music industry, as well as society. For a first time class, it was highly successful and impactful.

Not only did NYU begin this course on Swift, they also honored her with an honorary doctorate of fine arts (DFA). With this high honor, NYU graduates had the blessing of Swift speaking at their commencement. She spoke of struggles and successes. She reminded them that people will lift them up, but people will also let us down…many times. One piece of advice she gave the grads was:

“Decide what is yours to hold, and let the rest go. Often times, the good things in your life are lighter anyway, so there’s more room for them. One toxic relationship can outweigh so many wonderful, simple joys. You get to pick what your life has room for. Be discerning.” – Taylor Swift

Swift was very excited to have this opportunity. In fact, she got to, “[wear] a cap and gown for the very first time” (Swift), as she missed out on many high school, and any college experiences due to the early start to her successful music career.

Her words of encouragement inspired many as they prepared to step out of this phase of life in college, out into the world of long term careers and complete independency, which sounds terrifying.

As a senior in high school, and a major swiftie, this was very up-lifting. Even though it was directed to college graduates, it felt just as impactful to me. Taylor has taught me in many ways to be okay with messing up, to try my best, choose my surrounding people carefully, stick up for what I believe is true, and to always be myself, no matter what people around me might think.

I will take her words of advice with me as I continue to grow, prepare for college, start a career, and for the rest of my life.

Thank you Taylor. You inspire so many people. <3

And to the class of 2022, in the words of Dr.Taylor Swift, “long live all the magic we made.”

“I had the time of my life with you” (Dr. Swift, Long Live)