Wrestling State Placers

Max Jones & Fritz Mueller, Authors

Junior- First Place Champion

Q- What would you say gave you the motivation to keep pushing yourself to win a state championship?

“I took second at states last year which was very disappointing for me so I trained hard to make sure it didn’t happen again.”

Junior- Seventh Place

Q-  At what point in the season did you experience the greatest hardship?

“Towards the end of the season, four days before individual regionals, I broke my nose while at a Super Bowl party. I was scared that I was not going to be able to compete but I was able to wear a mask and give it my all.”

Junior- Sixth Place

Q-  What was the biggest obstacle this year in wrestling?

“I was in a terrible car accident around Thanksgiving that broke my lower back in five different spots. I was unable to walk at all for a whole month. The road to recovery was long, but I was finally able to return to wrestling for the Mac Red meet.” (Which he won)

Senior- Second Place

Q- Elaborate on how you achieved all your accomplishments with only three years of wrestling.

“I trained pretty much every single day, I dedicated most of my life to becoming as good as possible. Almost every day after practice, I stayed in the room for another half hour to hour, working with Coach Ed Sr. I always tried to be the hardest working person in our room.”

Senior- Sixth Place

Q-  What was the biggest obstacle this year in wrestling?

“My family moved to Traverse City this past year and to continue wrestling with my boys, I opted to join Dakota’s online academy. I lived with my family in traverse city during the off season, attending school online as well as off season practices up there. When the season started, I moved in with one of my lifelong friends back in Macomb and did school online from his house. It was all worth it to wrestle with my team for my last year.”

Junior- Fifth Place

Q- What was your greatest motivation this year?

“Last season, I got contact traced and was unable to wrestle at all in the post season. I knew I had to make an impact this year and trained vigorously to prove what I can do on the mat.”

Junior- Eighth Place

Q- What’s your favorite color?


Freshmen- Second Place

Q- How does it feel to be the highest placing Freshmen at Dakota High School?

“I’ve been wrestling for twelve years and have placed 6 times in the MYWAY state tournament, winning it in sixth grade. Wrestling is like second nature for me. Losing the finals was tough and I don’t want to feel that pain again, so I still have much work to do.”