I Remember: A Mother’s Day Poem

I Remember: A Mothers Day Poem

Ella Pulst, Staff Writer

I remember the car rides

Blasting Taylor Swift

Getting Starbucks and running errands


I remember you holding my hands

Telling me mine were cold

Praying before I went to bed


I remember sleepless nights 

Watching TLC and eating parmesan cheese

3 A.M. still making memories with you


Momma, I feel safe when I’m by your side 

When I’m with you everything is alright 


I remember the car rides

Greatest hits from Twenty One Pilots

Meeting you in the hospital room


I remember you holding my hands 

Telling me you’d be okay

Praying you wouldn’t have to go


I remember sleepless nights

Just watching the time pass by

3 A.M. hoping you were still alive


Momma, I still feel safe when I’m by your side 

Even when nothing is alright 


I remember the car ride 

Driving to Ann Arbor one last time

Not knowing there could even be “one last time”


I remember holding your hand 

Telling you I love you still

Feeling the warmth fade


I remember the sleepless night 

Someone told me it would be alright 

But how could I feel safe 

There’s no momma by my side 

To get me through sleepless nights 


God, why’d you have to let her die 


At least I know that she’s alright

Safe on our Savior’s side