NBA Season is Underway: What Changes Were Made

Nicholas Falls, Feature Reporter

It’s that time of the year! The NBA season is starting and teams are already in full force. This season is already getting off to a fast start as players and coaches are ready to take on this season. This offseason has been highly regarded as one of the best in NBA history. Major storylines have developed over this season so far. 

The offseason started with the NBA Draft on June 22, 2017. The Philadelphia 76ers traded for the No.1 pick and selected Markelle Fultz out of Washington University. Fultz is known to be the next potential NBA superstar with his speed and high scoring numbers. Fultz was not the most hyped up draft pick, that would go to Lonzo Ball. Ball was taken out of UCLA with the No.2 pick and is known for his quick style of offense and unique shooting form.  Although his media attention was not on his game, it was on his dad, LaVar Ball.  LaVar has made many bold comments in the media that has gained him criticism. 

Other than the draft, there were some major free agent signings and trades that changed the landscape of many teams. Starting with the Oklahoma City Thunder, they traded for Paul George and signed Carmelo Anthony to build the team around last year’s MVP Russell Westbrook. Also, the Houston Rockets signed Chris Paul to build their team around James Harden. Finally, the Boston Celtics traded their star point guard Isaiah Thomas to the Cleveland Cavaliers for their star point guard Kyrie Irving.  

As this NBA season is just getting underway, there is already a major storyline that has happened. On Opening Night, Celtics SF Gordon Hayward suffered a gruesome leg injury after landing awkwardly on his leg. Hayward will likely be out for the season after the injury. 

The upcoming NBA season looks to be a great one. Tune in or better yet try to get to an NBA game this year wherever you are!