Gen-Z Memes- Part 3


Kristin Cowden, Managing Editor

Hello everyone and welcome back to another review of Gen-Z memes. There’s no time to explain and it’s pretty self explanatory so let’s get into it.

This showed up on my Instagram page after my frog died. Needless to say, the government is listening to me. I give this meme 7 sombreros.

Graphic design is obviously this persons’ passion. Regardless, this meme made me giggle but imagine the giggle like an English gentleman from the early 1900’s. I give this meme 18 eggs.

As a girl who went through a chess phase for a short period of time I can confidently agree with this statement. The emotion it portrays brings a single tear to my eye. It makes me cry harder than the fall of Rome. I give this meme 44 Julius Caesars.

Well that’s all for today guys so see you all in the next article. Bye!