New Art Mural at Dakota!

Artists: Brittany Weller, Ashley Hornung, Nicola Shkambi, and Erin Angeles


Picture taken: 3/31

Angela Najor, Staff Writer

Here at Dakota, students are creating a new art mural for the school. The mural is a beautiful art piece with lots of different colors and meanings. As someone who loves art, I’m very excited for this piece to be showcased to any student, staff, or guest at Dakota when it’s completed. Seeing student artists show off their creative abilities and express their imagination is something that should be treasured.

After interviewing these artists, they explained that they are working on this mural as an opportunity to leave a mark on the school. When they paint, all of the focus is on the mural, and that alone shows how much work and thought is being put into this piece. When asked about their personal interpretations of it, they said that the girl in the painting is focused on working towards growth. This has a great meaning, especially for high school students who are in the process of growing, learning, and moving on to adulthood.

The artists got to choose the design for this mural, and there are high expectations for it.

Sometimes art gets overlooked in public schools, so this piece finally gives student artists the chance to show why art deserves to be highly represented in schools.

This article will be updated as the progress continues.