A poem.


Katelyn Thomas

It’s when you find moments alone that it all seems to begin,

Alone in a room.

Alone in a moment.

Or the worst, the one you can never escape,

Alone in a thought.

This thought may be shared, or it may be singular.

The memory echoes.

The words burn.

The actions become precise.

The feelings meander through your body.

The healing to each victim beats in a different tempo.


Alone in a room full of people who love you, and who you love in return.


Alone in a moments you share with someone,

They always seem more deserving.

Alone in thought that seemed to block you from the Sun.


When you decided to find comfort in yourself.

Still you wonder if it will all change?

You think am I the only one?

Am I alone?


It takes and takes and takes.

But you,

YOU are the only one,

At least that’s what it seems like…