COLLAGE CONCERT 2021: Student Perspectives

COLLAGE CONCERT 2021: Student Perspectives

Edessa Calles, Staff Writer

From deaths in families, businesses shutting down for good, and supply shortages to a normal school year becoming flashes on a screen and Dakota’s seniors leaving without a goodbye. Covid-19 ruined everything as the world came to a stop, and no one knew what to do. There were no more clubs, music, art, and sports programs. However, after dealing with Covid, we are finding ways to heal and get back to “normal.” Finally, clubs, sports and all our programs are starting up again. The band and choir programs came together for the collage concert; our first one since 2019. J.T, a band student, says, “It’s about time.”  Sophomores who are in band and choir experienced their first ever high school concert along with the Freshman. Some of the students wanted to share how they felt about having a collage concert again after Covid-19. Here is what they said: 

“I feel pretty good, we work our butts off and we deserve it.” A. J 

“It feels really nice having a collage concert after last year. Last year was horrible, almost like a warmup without a performance.” K.A 

“I was really disappointed last year, obviously. But I’m so excited to have a collage concert after everything and finally get the concert we deserve.” B.L 

“It’s exciting! I’m really looking forward to it.” A.C 

“It’s stressful. I feel like we all kind of forgot how to do it, it’s hard getting back into it.” A.B 

“It’s nice to finally do something normal this season, because we’ve been all over the place.” Anonymous 

“It’s exciting to get the chance to perform again.” C.B 

“I don’t know what it’s supposed to be like, everything was canceled.” L.B 

“I’m excited to finally perform again.” N.C 

“It feels liberating.” N.G 

“I think it’s nice to have the program reboot after covid. It’s nice to see everything get back tomorrow.”  -Anonymous  

“The collage concert has always been my favorite because you always get to interact with all the bands and choirs. So, I am just excited to have all that back.” L.T 

It is exciting because half the freshmen and sophomores have not experienced a collage concert before. It is great they finally get to experience that. Anonymous 

I’m excited for all the people who show up to see marching band perform at the end. A.R 

It’s exciting and emotional to be back on stage. J.P 

“It’s about dang time.” Nehemiah Campbell 

“I’m really, really, excited about it. Like super excited.” A.G 

“I am extremely excited to see everything return back to normal and play my instrument again.” R.B 

“It’s gonna be really interesting because half the band has never done this before.” A.D 

“I’m happy that we’re doing this again because it’s just fun to have everyone together.” A.R 

“I’m so excited! it’s super fun and awesome.” C.C 

“It’ll be fun and awesome everyone should go to the collage concert.” M.G 

“To be honest I feel like stuff will be mixed up which is fine because of covid. I also feel like it’ll be okay because we’ve been working so really hard.”  Jer Bear 

“I’m so excited to sing on stage. It’s so rewarding to share the stage with my best friends after two years of nothing.” B.C 

“I’m actually worried because of the years we’ve missed. A.P 

“It’s a pleasure to sing in Dakota choirs again.” N.J 

“I’m ecstatic to get back on the stage with blinding lights in my face and the audience cheering.” D.D 

“I wish I could go through choir again to have the collage concerts we missed.” J.P