The Detroit Lions Didn’t Lose!

(Photo courtesy of AP Photo/Don Wright)


Francesco Gerardi, Writer

The Detroit Lions have broken their 0-8 losing streak by … tying 16-16 with the Pittsburgh Steelers after a period of overtime.

It seems that neither team truly wanted to win the game, as both had ample scoring chances but failed to convert anything at all. This goes especially for the Lions. During regulation game play, Detroit kicker Ryan Santoso missed an extra-point attempt which is something that could have won the game and not led to overtime. To make matters worse for the kicker, Santoso also missed a game-winning field goal attempt in overtime where he appeared to slip mid-kick. Both teams were not composed and there was no score after 10 minutes in overtime, leading to the tie.

Overall, the game was a mess. Detroit quarterback (QB) Jared Goff completed only 14 passes, most of which were short passes, while apparently playing with a lower back injury. With his poor performance, many Lion’s fans were questioning why Detroit backup QB David Blough was not put in the game, causing his name to trend on Twitter for several hours.

There is a brightside to the week 10 game however, because the Lions cannot go 0-17 this season if they have a tie.