Movies For High Schoolers


Kara Smith, Staff Writer

Movies are constantly circling through the popular topics discussed in high schools today. This week, I asked classmates about their personal favorite movies and why. To keep up with the new movies, each student picked their top favorite movie; new or old.

“San Andreas, because it shows how prepared/ unprepared we are for a natural disaster to occur” -Edessa

“Creed, because of Michael B. Jordan” -Youana

“Hereditary, because of the amazing acting” -Brendan

“Dumb and Dumber, it reminds me of my sister” -Bella

“The Perks of Being a Wallflower, because it is a comfort movie” -Mya

“Avengers End Game, because it wraps up the story very nicely” -Tyler

“Blade Runner, because Harrison Ford is a good actor, Ridley Scott is a good director- the cinematography is probably some of the greatest. The movie is based off a book by Phillip K. Dick” -John

“Lady Bird, it makes me feel nostalgic- it’s well written, even though it is such a simple script” -Katie

“The Wolf of Wall Street, it is very motivating” -Brandon

“The Lion King, it’s just the best movie ever man” -Frank

“Corpse Bride, it is very heartfelt and sentimental” -Kristen

“The Mitchell’s vs The Machines, because it’s so wholesome and heartwarming” -Lauren