The Lake


Lauren Hammer

It was a sweltering and muggy day,

my friends asked me to go swimming in the lake.

I was bored and I could’ve used the break.

So, I said ok.

The lake was muddy, the sand stuck to our toes

Why I didn’t think to see the sign, no one knows.

“No swimming” it said

” The horrors in the deep will take your head”

My young friend jumped in with her long dress on and drowned

Without even one sound.

We only realized after a minute

when she didn’t resurface.

We were all in the lake by now

I would never do it again, I swear that’s my vow.

That is when the Lampreys came

chunk after chunk

My next friend won’t see her skin again.

she screamed until she could only speak in whispers.

When she sunk, that’s when my guy friend felt a whisker.

A giant catfish ate him whole

As I watched, I decided to get bold.

I fought the catfish, breaking almost every bone

It wasn’t enough to save him, though.

I cried

I cried

I cried until

They came for me, the evils of the lake did.

The seaweed reached for me, I kicked it away.

Quote the ghost: “I want you to stay.”

“You’re a treasure, yes you are.”

“Anyone would look for you, here or afar.”

“More will come to join you and your friends,”

“Don’t worry, you’ll soon meet your end.”

I kicked and swam and swam and swam

until I reached land and ran again.

The Lake took them, it almost took me.

The lake will take you too, please believe me.