Suspicious Deaths in Stadium Building for FIFA 2022


Getty Images via AFP

DOHA, QATAR – DECEMBER 20: General view of the construction work at Lusail Stadium on December 20, 2019 in Doha, Qatar. (Photo by Francois Nel/Getty Images) (Photo by Francois Nel / GETTY IMAGES EUROPE / Getty Images via AFP)

Mackenzie Gay, Staff Writer

Starting in 2011, Qatar has started an unprecedented construction program centered around the FIFA world cup that will take place between November and December 2022. Qatar has taken over the responsibility of the construction of seven new stadium, as well as dozens of associated facilities and infrastructure. This includes a new airport, roads, motorways, public transport systems, hotels and many others. To achieve the deadline of the last months of 2022, it is suspected that the workers are expected to make inhumane efforts, with insufficient concerns for health and safety. According to The Guardian article this comes down to 12 migrant worker deaths every week since construction began. Which adds up to a total of 6,257 deaths.


It is not just deaths but, suspicious deaths. One example would be, Ghai Singh Rai, from Nepal, he paid over 1000 euro in recruitment fees to get a job as cleaner in a building housing the workers that were building the Education City World Cup stadium. One week later, he allegedly died of suicide. Now, that alone is not enough to be suspicious but, Mohammad Shadid Miah, who had arrived from Bangladesh, adds to the suspicion. He was electrocuted in his apartment when water encountered electrical wires.

Another incident, Madhu Bollapally, who arrived from India died from “natural causes”. His family however claims he was the epitome of health. Qatari authorities say “80% of the Indian immigrants who died did so of “natural causes”. However, it is suspected that this allegedly covers up many cases of cardiac or respiratory attacks, which can be caused by excessive heat and sleep deprivation and/or unsafe working conditions.


This is an ongoing issue so, if you would like to learn more about this or follow up on this topic, you can find more information here.