Homecoming Court’s Third Round Is In Session!

Homecoming Courts Third Round Is In Session!

Lauren Hammer, Staff Writer

It is no secret that homecoming is regarded as an important time of the year for students. At this point, many have already got their outfits ready and their tickets purchased. However, it is also drenched with competition.

The homecoming court for homecoming king and queen is already in it’s third round. We are all patiently waiting for an announcement as to who will end up winning king and queen this year. The vote for the homecoming queen seems to be a lot more serious than the vote for homecoming king. The vote for homecoming king is based solely on whether the nominees are funny or not. This campaign strategy does end up gathering more votes for candidates.

Nonetheless, homecoming is an important time of year for the student body. Every vote counts, so when you get the email, VOTE for your favorite candidates.