“Devious Licks”


Lauren Hammer, Writer

A national phenomenon, The ‘Devious Lick’ is a TikTok trend where students steal things from school classrooms and bathrooms. Throughout the week, students have posted TikToks regarding the items that they have taken. Common items that can be stolen are: Stall doors in bathrooms, recycling bins, toilet seats and sinks. We do not know how long the trend will last but it has a large toll on the teachers. In many schools, full investigations have been underway. A person could be sued for taking part in the “Devious Licks” trend and possibly suspended or even expelled from the school.  Dakota has cameras everywhere, so if anyone wanted to steal, they WILL be caught and held responsible for their actions.

” These kids are wasting tax payer dollars on a trend. It’s wrong.” – My father

” The schools do have enough supplies as it is, they are stealing what little they have.” – anonymous

” I think its another way older generations can complain about youths. It is still a bad thing, like what do you get out of it? But it still makes me mad that another thing is being held against the youth of today.” – Mrs. Sarver