Dakota’s Great Pizza Famine

The title may be a little too dramatic, but it is still a problem. Students at Dakota High School are angry at the fact that the lunchroom keeps running out of food for those who do not bring a cold lunch.

Many are upset at this travesty, as people who do not bring their own lunch are subject to waiting in a line for the majority of lunch just to be told that the staff had run out of food. As Dakota is the largest school in the state and lunches are free, it is hard to keep supply up for every student when different amounts of people eat hot lunch each day. Although it is still very disheartening, we as students need to stay calm and be patient with our staff. However, the staff need to do a better job with providing the students with a healthy and delicious lunch each and every day, no matter what day it is.

Here are some comments from those of the student body:

” It’s a big issue. This is serious. If the lunch ladies are mad, tell them to come get me.” – Max Wood

” They should’ve known at this point people would take advantage of the free pizza.” -Evan Wehler

“If they let people get doubles or triples in A lunch, then B and C lunch will not get any.”-Kaitlyn Demorest

” Who’s hogging all the pizza? Who is so selfish that they need seconds and thirds?” – Colton Vangorder

Some ways we can help is by not choosing to eat pizza every day. Pizza is a very unhealthy option compared to the other choices on the menu. You are much more susceptible to heartburn, hypertension, and basically any heart disease that middle aged men get because they don’t work out. Not only that, eating too much pepperoni on your pizza may cause you to possibly contract many forms of cancer.

Not only is eating pizza a bad choice for our health, its also a bad choice for our peers. Many students who get hot lunch may have either forgotten their lunch or actually have to eat hot lunch every day because they NEED to eat it each day.

Furthermore, the pizza catastrophe will be fixed soon, as we all hope and pray for. Even so, we must do our part to ensure those who need hot lunch can be able to enjoy their lunches.