Gen-Z Humor: The Sequel We All Need

Gen-Z Humor: The Sequel We All Need

Kristin Cowden, Writer

A while back-While I was still a guest writer for the Dakota Planet- I wrote a masterpiece called “A Look at The Humor of Gen-Z.” Now, much has improved since November of 2020 within the world, everyone’s lives, and my writing. So, without further ado, here is the sequel to perhaps the most epic piece of writing I’ve written.  

While being part of Gen Z myself, I’m going to use my Zoomer powers to analyze memes. 

Zoomer humor be like : memes

So, what we have here (above) is something so incomprehensible that the FBI (almost) called me for attempting to analyze this. In fact, I had to call my mom-Who is a Spanish teacher- to ask her what “empanadas” means. To quote what my mother said on her definition of empanadas: “I’m watching Netflix right now, can we do this later?” So, I reached out to the internet to help come up with an exact definition. To quote Oxford on the definition: “A Spanish or Latin American pastry turnover filled with a variety of savory ingredients and baked or fried.” Now, you’re probably wondering: “What does an empanada have to do with Mr. Incredible from the 2004 animated Pixar film “The Incredibles?” I can only come up with a philosophical/hypothetical explanation for this, and that is that Mr. Incredible loves empanadas so much that his love for them makes him strongerMy evidence to support this theory would be shown within the meme. As you can see clearly, he is stronger while Empanadas are within his reach. Have you seen him outside of this meme, without empanadas? That’s right, he’s not as strong. The empanadas are his strength. 

Dr Phil M and M | Funny photoshop, Dr phil, Funny profile pictures

Second, (above) is just absolutely terrifying.

Spongeman ice cone : Cursed_Images

Finally, we have the classic. The Chinese Mandarin (I believe) in here is translated to “sponge man ice cone.” I’d rate this a 1000/10. My absolute favorite. The colors, the blurriness, it’s all so perfect. And the facial expression is flawless. It very much captures the epidemy of the soul.

I thank each and every one of you that have read this and the first part as well. I also question your sanity, yet I applaud you for sticking with me through this journey of memes.