The End of the Year is Around the Corner!

Here are a few tips on finishing the school year strong!


Brooklyn Plitz

    As the school year is coming to an end, it is important to finish out the school year with work and effort. Everyone has projects and final exams to start studying for/ complete, and it is important that students’ mindsets are still focusing on getting good grades to finish out the school year. With this, it must be hard to focus knowing that summer is right around the corner when at this time last year, it was basically summer vacation with the whole school shutdown that happened last year. (I personally find it difficult since I have a senior brother who likes to rub it in my face that he is out of school and I’m not, but you know it’s fine…) Anyways, Here are a few tips to help students stay strong while we finish out these last couple weeks of school.  

  1. Keep to a schedule 

    We all know this is the time that all students want to start slacking off, but that cannot be the case. Students have worked so hard throughout the whole year and letting your structure of how you complete work slip away is not going to benefit students during these final weeks. Keep to your normal schedule of doing homework at a certain time and make sure its complete and turned in.  

2. Keep positive 

    We all know how stressful this school year has been, especially this school year, but regardless of how stressed or tired you are, try to keep yourself up and be positive when starting your day.  

3. Ensure your focus 

    Be in the moment while you are wrapping up lessons these last few weeks, pay attention to make sure your end of the year grades reflects the hard work that you have put in. Ensuring your focus will help you succeed during final exams and projects. 

4. Be flexible 

    It is May, and things are going to come up, some of your daily school routines in the class might change or get faster as teachers are working out their last lessons. Be flexible and even if it’s more work, try to get it all done, it will only benefit you in the long run.