What Would You Have Done Differently?

Kai Lin Hansbrough

After 4 years of being at Dakota I am finally done and graduation is near. As a senior at Dakota High school I am looking back at memories and reminiscing about the good times and bad. I have enjoyed my time at Dakota and have learned a lot and I am excited to start the next part of my life. College. Although I did enjoy my time at Dakota very much, there are things I wish I would have done differently, as well as several other students. I personally wish that I would have participated in more clubs/activities while at Dakota. Another senior in my class (Lexi), says that she “would stop caring what people think very quickly because life is more enjoyable when your not thinking about those things”. I 100% agree with her response. I asked other seniors what they wish they could have done differently and the main response to the question was that they all wished that they would have appreciated being in school when we were in 9th grade- now. They also said that they wish that they hadn’t skipped classes or not came to school as much as they did. These can be read as just a story, or used as a learning experience. We all enjoyed our time at Dakota, but these are things would have made our time here at Dakota better.